Saturday, 12 December 2015

How to Improve your Life with Yoga & Exercise?

Today itself I am suggesting you the different benefits of Yoga & Exercise. First of all after getting up in the morning clear your belly (up to night meals) with taking luke warm water and a lemon squeeze into it then move out in the park with greenery and walk about 1 Km to 1.5 Km as per capacity. In the park physical exercise can be taken for at least half hour. as we are well aware that exercise is very important for our health. As the routine exercise shun the over-weight and help in reducing stress and strain of life. it also improve immunity system and having a positive attitude one can keep himself happy, full of joy and fervour. These are the important ingredients of life. as for yoga is concerned it is highly recommended not to do without any senior Guru (Institute/Teacher) select your exercise and practice daily.  

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