Thursday, 24 December 2015

Illiteracy problem easy way to sort out.

In this world everyone is given lots of opportunities by nature, call it God or there is a supreme power above us.  As everyone is well aware that whole world is consist of numerous type of people like literate and illiterate rich and poor and of different religion. Illiteracy is a curse. It is widespread in many Asian and African countries. Illiterate people remain poor ,week, backward they become an easy prey to the manipulation of the cunning politician, moneylenders and cheats. Hence the government in our country have started literacy campaign for the upliftment of the masses. The task is big and difficult the problem are to raise funds and to motivate the people to learn government alone cannot complete the task. Every citizen has a moral duty to cooperate with the government to help in this campaign. In my view we should organize a camp with the literate person so that they can also adopt one person to teach him independently and collectively. Even the corporate sector can adopt few more numbers. So that with in a shortest period one can become literate and progress equally with other fellow that they can also have the opportunity to live with their respective livelihood.  

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