Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Cherishing and Watching Old Photo.

I am sharing with you about my old  past. The other day I was looking for a important document. I by chance I am coming  across the photo album which I could not see for a long time. The first picture was of my Grand parents and other family members. Where in the lap of my Grand Father and Mother is the picture of childhood photo of my father beside my father another picture is of my uncle and their sister all the three were standing besides my Grand Father & Mother. It was a wonderful experience to see my Father childhood photo which was in black & white. Next to those picture as my father grow up with his younger brother and sister another photo was in the row. When my father join college and got the degree from his principal. It was another wonderful experience to watch. I learnt subsequently on my entry in the family I learnt a lot from my father and mother & I entered into the school of life. We should as advice by my revered father. We should be LEARNER through out our life. and work professionally with sound mind and work for development of the society etc.         

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