Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Perseverance of Labour Just Keep it.

In the Holy book  THE GITA. There are 18 chapters from where we can learn, how to live? what to live? Why we live? And how we should live in a society and what are the main rules and regulation described in the Holy book. There are 4 stages of a man viz. childhood, youth, married life, old age. On attaining death. It is just AATMA (Sprit) lives the body and enter into another body. Nobody can forecast when one will die and where will the sprit go. Instead , although it is a great epic. It teaches us how one should behave and how one should move in the society. There is a numerous teaching from where we can take guidance and how to implement them in practical. But there is a good piece of saying that is we have no right to expect or we can ask the result or fruit of labour. 

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