Saturday, 5 December 2015

After Lunch what to prepare for a dinner.

I am sharing with you my latest  experience As everybody is aware. That in a metro city I have been working with a corporate company. After having lunch in my office I was moving towards Home in the evening after freshen up I intend to prepare my dinner for my family I collected a bowl of rice and besan to prepare a curry after preparing my dinner and I go on  watching a serial on the tv other member of my family and myself ready to have dinner on the dining table pleasantly finishing the dinner i  suddenly realize that there is no dessert at home everybody was enjoying the food because it was hot and spicy and members started shouting water water water and sweet sweet sweet  then I gotup from my chair and took out a few pieces of chocolate and distributed among ourselves tell me my friends what about your experience at this juncture. I have shared my experience with you tell me about  yours.   

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