Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Spiritualism or Science Which can Save manKind?

Considering the difference of spiritualism or science. It is very well understood by the countries who are dominated by dictatorship, communism and democratic processes. Spiritualism is a process of personal transformation and knowledge about one self externally & internally. According to traditional religious, Ideals, caste & creed and sects of different communities. Extremism and fundamentalist are also part and parcel of this world. Everybody whether it’s a government or non-government always try to dominate others in the name of supremacy and humanity. In a more general sense, it is referred to almost all kind of meaningful activity or blissful experiences. On the other hand science from the very ancient time it has been the belief of different societies that the inventions and discoveries are very much in need of fulfilling the aspirations and development of different angles in the society. If the technology is improved in its own way to solve the prevailing problems and to upliftment of the society at large. Because science has the different branches like engineering, chemicals, mechanical, electronic etc.etc. if science alone is capable of solving the humanitarian problems like poverty, diseases, misery, illiteracy. Spiritualism enters and work jointly with science and its inventions. Both spiritualism and science are complementary and it should be handled very carefully and execute for the development of mankind. If one visualize the bad effect of the science under no circumstances it should be occupied or captured by fundamentalist. Otherwise it may create bad results of science. Here comes the spiritualism, love & fear, enlightenment of the humanity. 

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