Thursday, 24 December 2015

How to Avoid Third Person’s Interference?

As everyone is well aware that a person is born alone & after spending life span he dies in the end. But one cannot live alone he needs a friend in the form of a person like classmate, wife, father, brother/sister in the society. Most of friends are consist of two or three person between them is mutual trust & faith.  We are confident that life is very important for us and this life spend with happiness and enjoyable. Sometimes we spend our life with special relations in our life and we also care that relations with good thinking, mutual trust & faith. If between two friends third person come and start making alleged confirmations of certain notions about the first two person. Only then mis-understanding creep in and that part of conversation creates unwarranted problem. If it is solved in a given time it’s ok. But if it does not solve amicably and last for long it will defiantly breakup. Best solution would be to solve it together and amicably settle. The two should talk amicably, in the absence of main trouble maker & pray to God to help them to solve it thoroughly.     

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