Thursday, 31 December 2015

Not to Make Any New Year Resolutions.

There are different types of New Year resolutions. People usually vow to make their resolutions fulfilled successfully. They want to change their life styles, education, behavior and many other things and there is certainly nothing wrong with that idea. Most of the cases in does not last long.  They fall back into their old style or old habits even if they try hard to change it. And that is not a good thing. Most people recognize that they need to change there styles of working in their life for the betterment and they are to be commended for that.  Thinking on those line is the problem itself. Whenever one wants to change his style to satisfy his vanity (EGO). So what happens to the resolution to change bad habits? What are some of the bad habits that need to be changed? And how serious are the consequences if you don’t change? That’s I think need to be focused on. the consequences of not making the needed changes will hamper the progress and bad effects of the result. Best way is not to make any sort of resolutions or promises. Take the life as it comes on day to day basis week to week basis and live happily without any tension pour the best in you and enjoy the fruits of hard labour.

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