Sunday, 6 December 2015

Happy Anniversary of My Mom Dad.

I want to tell you that today is my mom and dad 34th  Wedding Anniversary All these years before my birth they were enjoying the life complacent and their life was so lively because everyday my parents start the day with worshipping to GOD. And they take the life as its comes on its way. That is the best policy plus and the honest path of leading a life. He was rewarded equally from the God on moving on a happy path everybody else also feels the same moments of life happily contended. If certain problem comes its own way during life time God gives enough courage to solve and bear it equally. Every problem is solved successfully and whatever the professional life is all his and her jobs were accomplished. We are brought up by good atmosphere at home and given proper education and best teaching of life. We are grateful to God that we got such a parents and we love our parents equally.        

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