Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Rebuild Life With Refreshed Energy.

I have been practicing yoga from the childhood under the great guidance of my Guru (Yoga Teacher) whom I am worshipping like God who advise me in all respect of my daily activities and attaining the success no matter weather it is small or big. Refreshing energy is a vital activity in everyday life. we have to start or begun the day with refreshed energy and go on doing the job through out the day and in between taking the breakfast meal and dinner etc. as per requirement of the body. sometimes one feel sad or having a painful experience. It is better to gather the inner energy and have a positive attitude and execute your responsibility and duty towards your family, fellow citizen and in the society. We stand at the gate way of challenging world. New challenges are coming in and meeting them in a more prospective way. That needs rebuilding of our body to face those challenges. 

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